G.U.D. Holdings enters the Australasia Automotive Market - Fram Filters

G.U.D. Holdings is pleased to announce that as part of our Global expansion strategy we will be launching our brands in Australasia. G.U.D. Holdings (Pty) Ltd has entered into a strategic partnership with Filpro Automotive Australia (Pty) Ltd [formerly UCI FRAM Group Australia (Pty) Ltd] and Filpro Automotive New Zealand (Pty) Ltd [formerly UCI FRAM Group New Zealand Ltd] in terms of which Filpro will distribute and market G.U.D. Holdings’ brands as well as the FRAM, Prestone and Holts brands in Australia and New Zealand.

As part of the strategic partnership, G.U.D. Holdings will manufacture FRAM Filters, Safeline Brakes, Indy Oil products as well as certain Prestone and Holts product for Filpro Automotive. Filpro Automotive has an established distribution network and will market and distribute the industry-leading range of automotive aftermarket products in Australasia.

Filpro Automotive has offices and warehousing in Auckland, New Zealand and is in the process of establishing offices and warehousing in Melbourne.

Anthony Trickey will represent G.U.D. Holdings in his capacity as Divisional Director – Business Development Australasia.